Monday, March 21, 2005

The second cucumber

The title does not reflect anything I have written below. I couldn’t think of one good enough. I am tired of finding words or single lines which describe more than half an hours' typing.

Thoroughly exhausted I was last night. Talking to the newest addition to our two bedroom apartment was an effort. US returned, minus the accent, yet another IT employee to the already crowded Chennai city- meet my new roommate.

Past 8 months, I was given the privilege of a single room. Three of my roommates slept in the other, while I moved around in my room.

Yesterday, I shared my room. I was too tired to wonder whether I liked it or not.

Pulling out my bed, I crawled into it… on my left I saw the familiar sight of my books, all carelessly arranged, turning to my right I saw my new room mate. I turned left again…

Sleep proved elusive… I wondered- what could be wrong? The television was as usual playing an unfamiliar language. My one room mate was on the phone. Reassuring thumping noises from the children upstairs… then what could be wrong? Was it because of the already sleeping figure beside me?

It was then that I realized. My room(I am not ready to share it yet!) was totally dark. The familiar orange light was missing. I sat up suddenly. Slumping tiredly out of my room, I padded out to our balcony.

My room mate followed a few minutes later to ask, “What’s wrong?”

I could only point to the street. Looking at the direction of my finger, she saw what I did. Someone had broken the neon light…

Laughing she said, “Someone’s taken your blog too seriously!”

I walked back inside. Lying in the for once totally dark room, I couldn’t sleep- this time because that wretched neon light didn’t glow!


Blogger June-An said...

Talking about room mates... reminds me of mine. We were close friends, we became good friends and lesser good friends and then she died... ok that's not funny but it's true. Sad but true reality of life.

3:13 AM  

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